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Most people do not get married knowing their relationship will end in divorce. As such, if you are going through a divorce or family law matter, you may feel overwhelmed, or even a bit angry and lost. You need a legal team dedicated to helping you look beyond these emotions toward an equitable resolution of your issues. For effective representation that meets your needs, call Lavigno Law to schedule your consultation with an experienced and dedicated Georgia divorce lawyer.

Divorces can be complex or straightforward cases, depending on the parties and the marital assets. If you are contemplating divorce, it is best to get legal advice early so you understand exactly what your marital assets are and how those might be divided.

Georgia divorce law provides 13 legal grounds for divorce. Anyone involved in a divorce must identify at least one of the legal grounds, but they may claim multiple grounds. Each of the legal grounds for divorce requires certain conditions to exist in order to formally assert any particular reason for getting a divorce in Georgia. Georgia is not a fault-based state, meaning getting a divorce in Georgia does not require determining fault. However, of the 13 grounds for divorce, there are grounds that may be cited which do create a condition of fault. To learn which grounds would be best for your situation, contact Lavigno Law, one of Georgia’s most experienced divorce attorneys.

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