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Condemnation and Property Dispute

Lavigno Law Firm is uniquely specialized in this area, largely due to Bill Lavigno’s condemnation experience that he was able to pass along to his daughter. Also, Bethany Lavigno’s employment history as a City Planner makes her specialized in this area of the law because she worked in zoning, code enforcement, and comprehensive planning.

Condemnation cases arise, most frequently, when roads are being widen or when a roundabout is being added at an intersection. Typically, GDOT makes a property owner an initial offer and typically that offer is too low. Lavigno Law Firm can represent you through this process of negotiating a fair price for the amount of land being taken or for the amount of land being needed for easements for utilities. What people don’t realize, if that if dirt is being moved, your land is changing and you are entitled to just compensation.

Property disputes arise over property lines or nuisances. Nuisances can include water draining from your neighbor’s property over your property affecting the use of your property. Lavigno Law Firm is here to determine whether you have a valid property claim and which avenue is best suited to resolve that claim or issue.

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